Currently working on the State Schools Spectacular - John Cain Arena - September 2022

CLIENT : Dislocate and The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Unrestrained competition has driven humanity to the brink of ecological and social destruction. Dislocate are developing an inventive and versatile physical theatre work that examines the tipping point we have reached. While acknowledging the great leaps forward science, technology and industry has had on humanity, we will question our sustainability and imagine a future where seemingly disparate forces work together.

The performance will be crafted on and around a helium balloon designed to support a variety of aerial acts. It can be travelled through an audience or tethered in one spot. The balloon’s design and ingenuity provides a stunning centre piece for the work. Prior to flight, the delicately crafted physical and narrative content radiating out from the balloon, will create subtext and nuance to the visual spectacle.

Covid- 19 has devastated the arts and many other industries. Traditional audiences and styles of presentation are being re-imagined. Looking Up will be a visually stunning and physically exhilarating theatrical event, allowing for socially distanced audiences if necessary.

For over twenty years Dislocate, who lead this ambitious project, have created independent and internationally successful physical theatre. Dislocate continue to tell important stories in surprising ways, using the inherent tension and exhilaration of acrobatics and aerial work to create moving theatrical experiences layered with humour and pathos.

Looking Up brings together the majesty of the Royal Botanic Gardens with the technical and visually stunning creations of the internationally acclaimed, Airena and some of Victoria’s most accomplished designers and creators. The cast are emerging and mid career artists who will be guided by established directors and designers.

Dislocate have previously worked with hot air and helium balloons and will build on this experience to create a spectacular, functional, ever changing set piece for outdoor performances.


Technical drawing are complete and the balloon is under construction.


This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


The City of Melbourne Arts Grants.

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Images of Balloon with performers

Looking Up - In development- The Balloon Build

Design ideas