Currently working on the State Schools Spectacular - John Cain Arena - September 2021

CLIENT : Dislocate and The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Unrestrained competition has driven humanity to the brink of ecological and social destruction. Dislocate, with the RBGV, will undertake a development to create an inventive, versatile aerial work that examines how we harness our competitive natures to achieve positive outcomes for humanity and the natural world. Looking Up imagines a future where science, technology, and industry work together.

The performance will be crafted on and around an enormous helium balloon. The balloon flown at height is capable of supporting a variety of aerial acts, can be travelled through an audience or guyed in one spot.  It will be both a stunning visual art piece and a travelling acrobatic theatre set.

Dislocate have previously worked with hot air and helium balloons and will build on this experience to create a spectacular, functional, ever changing set piece for outdoor performances.

The balloons design and ingenuity, will clearly demonstrate the future we are alluding to. The delicately crafted physical and narrative content will create subtext and nuance to the visual spectacle.

Technical drawing are complete and construction will commence shortly.


This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Looking Up - In development