Currently working on The State Schools Spectacular - John Cain Arena - September 2024

CLIENT : Ridiculusmus

We are about to embark on a wild ride with an incredible group of creators led by David Woods. Dislocate will be guiding the aerial work, stunt choreography, providing rigging support and throwing in a little mud wrestling to help create… best leave that up to David to describe…

THIS ~ A portrait of the present with its skin peeled off.  Three levels of choose-your-own-adventure theatre. And mud wrestling.

Devolving, shaming and space invading. Fear, conspiracy, collapse, terror, frustration, solidarity and hope. Mud wrestling. THIS. is a brutally funny, raw and unflinching response to the theme of infuriation.

Internationally acclaimed theatre-maker David Woods (Ridiculusmus, Back to Back Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, Malthouse) brings together an alliance of 30 collaborators to debunk pomp and power: Victorian, Cantonese, Syrian, Bundjalung, American, Yemeni, Greek, Gamilaraay, British, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Korean, Ethiopian, Somalian, Congolese and Aotearoa—Pākehā (settler) and Māori—makers transform three floors of The Substation into a choose-your-own-adventure performance installation.

Play a part in moulding progressive hope from the decay of today. Where will you start?

Dislocate’s work is a brilliant lightning bolt of precision, Art and play.

David woods
This . Rising festival 2021