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CLIENT : Circus Oz & The Victorian Opera

The Victorian Opera is renowned for surprising and unique collaborations. Under the direction of Emil Wolk and Richard Mills, Dislocate were engaged with Circus Oz to bring cleverly crafted aerials, acrobatics and physical comedy to their production of Laughter and Tears. We were able to heighten the drama, enhance the humour and add beauty and spectacle to this highly successful production.

Dislocate were the circus choreographers, provided the circus cast, consulted on rigging, acrobatic set design and were assistant directors. 



“Victorian Opera partnered with Dislocate through Circus Oz. The bringing together of two artforms, similar in some ways and miles apart in others meant we needed creative thinkers and doers. The team at Dislocate did not disappoint!”
–Elizabeth Hill, CEO Victorian Opera

Kate Fryer, and Geoff Dunstan, the founders of Dislocate, are brilliant directors and stunning choreographers.  Their approach is full of innovative and surprising contributions seamlessly moving between forms. 
They are amongst the very best I have worked with and a great asset to any creative team.
Emil Wolk, Director-Laughter and Tears

Laughter and Tears